I charge $0.015 per square inch for all my edge to edge/pantograph  and stipple work. I also will baste quilts 4" apart for those who wish to do hand quilting for $0.005 per square inch.  Right now this is the only type of quilting I do for customers. 
I require the backing and batting to be 4 inches wider on all sides.  This means if your quilt is 40"x40" your backing needs to be 48"x48".  If you piece your back and would like the seam to go a particular way please note it by pining a note to the backing.  Please note that due to the nature of the quilting process and the quilting frame more intricate backings may not line up perfectly.  I will do the best that I can. I will gladly seam your backing for $10 a seam.
Keep in mind when you choose your backing that you will want it to compliment the front so your thread will blend in on both sides.
You are more than welcome to provide your own batting or I do have a roll of 100% cotton batting that I keep on hand.  I charge $7 a yard.
You are able to choose your color of thread.  I do have a $3 thread charge for solid colored thread and $5 for variegated colored thread. I use the same color of thread on the top as the bottom in all my quilts. 
I am able to attach quilt binding to the front of your quilt for $0.10 a linear inch.  If you provide the fabric I can make double fold straight grain binding from fabric you provide and attach it to the front of the quilt for $0.20 a linear inch.  
I am required by the state of Kansas to charge sales tax on my quilting.

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