Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Quilting Field Trip

This summer I packed myself up and took a quilting field trip.  We live approximately two hours from Lincoln, NE, home of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  There they have the International Quilt Study Center and Museum.  I had been planning on going for several summers and one morning I woke up early in July and decided this was the day.
When I got their I was excited.  I paid my entry fee and hit the elevator.  The first exhibit I went to happened to be the one I found most interesting.  It was called Modern Marvels.  It was all about quilts made from kits from 1915 to 1950.  In my nativity I believed that quilt kits were a relatively new phenomenon and were from the the times of the modern quilt revival at the bicentennial.  I was wrong!  Something I'm always a sucker for in a quilt shop has been marketed to ladies for the last century in magazines.  I believe I took a picture of every quilt they had on display in the quilt kit display.
They also had a log cabin quilt exhibit going on along with a toy sewing machine exhibit.  They were both interesting but I fell in love with the quilt kits exhibit. So enjoy the photos below I took of the quilts.  I didn't put all my pictures in this post.  Just almost all of them.
Ombre before ombre was cool.

Snowflakes on a green background.

Look at those itty bitty stitches!

This is what a quilt kit looked like when it was mailed to you.  Now days they make you cut your own fabric in a kit.

Around the world.

From 1932.  

I could have spent all day looking at this quilt.

A close up of the scalloped border with the hot pink binding.  I also like the touch of hot pink on each flower petal.

This one was called daisy chain from 1936.

A close up of the delicate and fine stitching.

Another example of a quilt kit for a lone star quilt.

A close up of the double wedding ring ombre quilt.

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