Sunday, January 19, 2014

What a Week

It was quite a week here at the hacienda.  Thursday morning I went to the dentist for a mild pain in my front tooth. The tooth had been knocked out & hanging on by a thread back in HS (1996) but they were able to save the tooth and put it back.  At that time they had said at some point I'd need a root canal.  Well that time came Thursday morning. After the root canal I came home and slept for 3 1/2 hours.
Afterwards I was feeling as good as new (that could be a stretch). I got up and put another of the cheater quilts my sister-in-law gave me to practice. I had gotten a new toy, a ruler, earlier in the week and I was eager to start practicing. My new ruler has a straight edge and curve edge.  So incorporated both into my quilt.  I don't have any pictures of me quilting, I had a root canal that morning for crying out loud. I wasn't taking any photos of myself and I was just out of it enough to forget to take any while it was on the frame. :)  I went back to work on Friday as good as new.  The kids always like a good story so during writing time I drew my picture for my story with lots of embellishments for their benefit, minus the needles of course!
My new ruler for making straight and
curve lines.
I used the curved side of the ruler to
 make the border here.
The finished quilt. It's the same design
as the previous one.
I used the ruler to stitch in the ditch for
 these blocks.

Another example of my stitch in the ditch. Basically I just sewed where the seams would be.

The weekend was filled with family. For Christmas we gave both of our families tickets to a K-State basketball game against West Virginia for this Saturday.  We had a few extra tickets so we also had some friends join us in the fun at the game.  My friend, Meaghan, who is a West Virginia fan went with us in her West Viriginia gear.  She is currently a student at K-State so really it was a win-win for her because she was going to be happy no matter who won! My bicycling friend of 10 years, Don, who is a KU fan also went along. He bought a K-State t-shirt just for the occasion which he promptly gave to me as soon as the game was over. I'm going to hold onto it for him in case he goes with us next year. My parents and brother went from my family. Dustan's parents, 2 of his brothers and grandma went from his side.  K-State won easily. We've found it is easier when we have family in that is easier for us to make meals here at the house instead of trying to seat that many people at a restaurant.  So for dinner on Saturday night we had chili and chicken noodle soup. We had veggie pizza and mini fruit pizzas. For fun I had set up the longarm machine with practice fabric and let the family and friends give longarming a try! What a hoot!  I really should have taken more pictures but I didn't.  Good times!
My dad trying out the new longarm machine.

Dustan's brothers tried out the gecko design on Pantovision. They both are really good at using the tablet to quilt the designs. They caught on quickly.


  1. Love the photo of your dad! Sounds like you had fun other than the dentist visit! xo

    1. Everyone seemed to enjoy trying out the new machine. :)